100% Natural Petal Confetti

Blossom Blessings petals are not only A 100% naturally beautiful and eco friendly.

The Petals each have their own meaning and significance.


Rose for Love 

Calendula for Health

Chamomile for Wealth

Lavender for Happiness 

Passion flower for Friendship 


We Believe there could be no better beginning to your happily married life, than to have your friends and family shower you with such beautiful blessings.


To follow this the blessings can be sealed with the Blossom Blessings gift box for the Happy couple which contains:


  • A Bath bag to bathe in all the good wishes together

  • Tea Bags to drink all the good wishes together

  • Seeds to grow the good wishes together

  • Loose petals to sleep in the good wishes together

  • Chill out drops and Love drops to soften and enrich some of those moments married life brings.

Bags of Lose Petals

Bags of Lose Petals

Pillow boxes of blossom blessing confetti

Pillow boxes of blossom blessing confetti


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