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Cast Some Magic on Your Wedding Day

100% Natural Petal Confetti


     A flurry of flowers from Nature’s tree

    Blesses your marriage for all to see:


    Five sacred petals, a potent charm

    Five wishes, five meanings, a heavenly balm.


    Rose for Love, a white dove descending


    Lavender’s freshness for Joy never ending


    Sweet Chamomile’s smile, a promise of Wealth


    Calendula’s token, the gold of Good Health


    And Passion Flower’s purple, the pure pleasure of Friends


    Are just a few of the messages Blossoms Blessings send.


    So be showered, empowered, and drink deep of these treasures


    And may your union be fruitful  for now and forever.   

    Rachel marries her vast knowledge and expertise as a herbalist to a true vision of beauty. 


    This woman is in service to the goddess of love!


    I can't recommend Rachel and her Blossom Blessings highly enough. 


    A. Hope. 

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